Embrace the sweetness of nature.

Our field, located in the gorgeous region of Lao Cai, Vietnam, provides the base for our booming stevia farming. We are committed to increasing our reach to utilize the full potential of this extraordinary factory, which already spans 300 hectares. With 800 hectares of accessible land and ambitious ambitions to expand to 10,000 hectares by the end of 2026, our objective is to build a significant and sustainable stevia farm that has a beneficial effect.

Lao Cai’s unique terrain and favorable climate make it a perfect location for large-scale stevia growing. The location has excellent soil, plenty of sunlight, and a reasonable temperature range, all of which contribute to our stevia plants’ vigorous development. Our team’s devotion and the mix of natural resources enable us to develop stevia of excellent quality and purity.

We recognize the significance of protecting our natural resources for future generations. As a result, when we plant stevia, we make certain that our farming practices prioritize ecological balance and minimize environmental impact. By cultivating a sustainable culture within Vinastevia, we want to set an example for the industry and urge others to follow suit.

Our collaboration with local communities is critical to our success. We work actively in Vietnam’s rural regions, engaging with people and organizations to effect long-term constructive change. By assisting and enabling these communities, we create an atmosphere of shared prosperity in which success is defined not just by financial benefits but also by the well-being and fulfillment of all stakeholders.


Our nursery is located in the lovely region of Ha Giang, Vietnam, where we tenderly care for young stevia plants. Ha Giang is known for its stunning scenery, enthralling mountain ranges, and varied ethnic cultures. Ha Giang, Vietnam’s northernmost province, provides a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural legacy.

The pure atmosphere of Ha Giang is suitable for developing robust and durable stevia seedlings. This place provides a caring home for our young plants due to its good soil, adequate sunshine, and favorable environment. Our nursery transforms into a sanctuary where each stevia seedling receives the best care and attention when Ha Giang’s spectacular natural surroundings are present.

In Ha Giang, we embrace the spirit of nature’s harmony. Our team of committed professionals cares for each baby stevia plant, ensuring they get the proper combination of nutrients, water, and sunshine to develop into healthy and vigorous people. We develop seedlings that are ready to flourish when transferred to broader areas thanks to this thorough care.

Because we are located in Ha Giang, we have access to the region’s natural resources as well as the experience of local farmers. We collaborate to grow stevia seedlings that reflect the distinct peculiarities of this amazing area.