About VinaStevia

Embrace the sweetness of nature.

VinaStevia is more than just a brand; it is a collaboration between V.LASO, a company with over 20 years of experience in farming, manufacturing, and distributing healthcare products, and Berlin Love Vietnam (BLV), private investors, government bodies in Vietnam, communities, and private farmers. BLV, a 100% German-invested company and a subsidiary of the KKN & Partner investment company from Berlin, Germany, possesses vast expertise in branding, import and export consulting, and global distribution of goods.

Our focus is on investing in establishing exceptional brands and products and fostering their growth. Our ultimate goal is to build VinaStevia as a lasting brand that embodies a sustainable lifestyle, demonstrates genuine care for the environment, and supports rural communities in Vietnam.

Our mission goes beyond establishing a successful brand; we are committed to creating a positive impact on people’s lives. VinaStevia strives to provide sustainable income streams to residents in rural Vietnam, empowering them with opportunities that were previously limited. By cultivating stevia and creating a market for its products, we enable these communities to generate three times the revenue of conventional sugar cane and rice farmers.

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Biochar as a natural fertilizer


Our nursery is located in the lovely region of Ha Giang, Vietnam, where we tenderly care for young stevia plants. Ha Giang is known for its stunning scenery, enthralling mountain ranges, and varied ethnic cultures. Ha Giang, Vietnam’s northernmost province, provides a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural legacy.

The pure atmosphere of Ha Giang is suitable for developing robust and durable stevia seedlings. This place provides a caring home for our young plants due to its good soil, adequate sunshine, and favorable environment. Our nursery transforms into a sanctuary where each stevia seedling receives the best care and attention when Ha Giang’s spectacular natural surroundings are present.

In Ha Giang, we embrace the spirit of nature’s harmony. Our team of committed professionals cares for each baby stevia plant, ensuring they get the proper combination of nutrients, water, and sunshine to develop into healthy and vigorous people. We develop seedlings that are ready to flourish when transferred to broader areas thanks to this thorough care.

Because we are located in Ha Giang, we have access to the region’s natural resources as well as the experience of local farmers. We collaborate to grow stevia seedlings that reflect the distinct peculiarities of this amazing area.

Our Mission and Values

Our objective is to be your reliable partner in the field of stevia products, providing you with nothing but the best. We realize the value of high-quality, naturally sweet, and healthful solutions for your well-being.

    Uncompromising Quality

    Our commitment is to deliver the finest stevia products, crafted to meet the most exacting standards and evoke pure delight.

      Nurturing Sustainability

      Our deep respect for the environment drives us to make sustainable choices across our entire operation, safeguarding the world we cherish.

        Embracing your Well-Being

        We prioritize your health and offer stevia products that not only provide delectable sweetness but also empower your journey toward a wholesome lifestyle.

          Upholding Trust

          Trust forms the bedrock of our relationship. With complete transparency about our processes and stevia's origin, we empower you to make confident choices with Vinsastevia.

            Igniting Innovation

            We relentlessly explore new horizons and create captivating stevia-based products, ensuring your experience with Vinsastevia remains truly unforgettable.


            One of our sources of great pride is our own farm, meticulously cultivated to grow a unique variety of stevia. Nestled in fertile Vietnamese farmland, our stevia plants thrive in an ideal environment. Unlike typical stevia varieties containing 5% natural sugar, our stevia naturally boasts an impressive 10-12% natural sugar. This distinct characteristic sets our stevia apart, providing an exceptional level of sweetness.

            At present, we cultivate stevia on 300 hectares of land. However, by the end of 2024, our stevia farming will expand to cover 800 hectares. This significant increase in cultivation area reflects our commitment to meeting the growing demand for stevia. Furthermore, we have ambitious ambitions to extend our activities, aiming to cultivate 10,000 hectares of stevia by the end of 2026. These expansion initiatives will allow us to deliver a consistent and ample supply of high-quality stevia to our trusted customers.

            With over 800 hectares of available cultivation land, we will proudly possess the largest stevia farming area in Vietnam. This allows us to produce up to 19,200 tons of dried stevia annually, with a moisture content of 8–12% at the end of 2024.


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            Biochar, the power of Sustainability

            At Vinastevia, we place great importance on the conservation of natural resources for posterity. Our stevia cultivation methods prioritize ecological equilibrium and minimize environmental harm, opting for biochar as a chemical-free, nature-based fertilizer.

            Our objective is to establish a precedent for the industry through sustainable farming practices and inspire others to do the same. We actively collaborate with local communities in rural areas of Vietnam, striving for enduring positive transformation and fostering a climate of shared prosperity that transcends financial gains, and encompasses the well-being and contentment of all stakeholders.